Exploring Yosemite National Park

Laying in a lush green meadow, gentle winds caressing the blades of grass around me whilst golden sun splinters through the majestic Redwoods. Towering over the trees are colossal granite peaks. I can hear the gentle trickle of the river snaking next to me through the valley and the whisper of what must be a thunderous roar of one of the many waterfalls in the distance. It’s the middle of the spring and Yosemite Valley has thousands of visitors and yet we can see no one as we relax and listen to the peaceful chirping of birds. If I look hard enough, I can just about make out a climber or two making their way up El Capitan, not only the highest peak in Yosemite but the highest granite monolith in the world . They spend days climbing its gigantic face, sleeping in hammocks overnight, pinned to the rock face. These are my best memories of Yosemite, one of the most beautiful national parks I have ever laid eyes on.

We spent the last day exploring San Francisco and spent a really beautiful sunset photographing from the coast in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Is the light anything other than magical here?

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